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Redew8 Björk Indigo Pre Shrunk

1200 SEK
Björk is a modern fit that can be worn both masculine and feminine.
Straight with a slightly tapered leg. No gender.

No matter if you feel more like a man or a woman, reDEW Björk is a perfect choice for those that want a jean with a modern cut, Sure, it’s packed with invisible technology which adds wearability and sustainability, but more than that, it’s the ultimate modern jean, regardless of gender.

Based on years of research, the fabric is made by ISKO exclusively for reDEW. Made mainly from Organic Cotton, with a few percent of recycled PET bottles and a touch of lycra. It’s reminiscent of the fabrics you find in old vintage jeans, but at the same time extremely smooth on the inside, for added comfort.

Available in Stay Indigo and Stay Black based on special dye technology developed by ISKO + Archroma exclusively for reDEW. Not only does this save huge amounts of water and chemicals, it also keeps it’s colour much longer than conventional dyes.

Do you prefer a subtle pre-worn look? Implode Surface is a revolutionary finish developed by reDEW LABS, it’s the Worlds 1st worn look which doesn’t effect the strength of the fabric. Instead of making it weaker, Implode Surface actually makes the fabric keep it’s strength and performance.

Would you like your jeans to be as dark as possible? Go for the Pre-Shrunk finish.

Björk fits true to size when worn on the hip (as most Women).
If you don’t really have hips (as most Men), then go down 2 sizes.

Daniel, 30, multi talent
Wearing Ravin, 31-32 in both Pre-Shrunk and Implode Surface

100% pure copper, non-galvanised button made by reDEW LABS + Metalbottoni.

94% Organic Cotton (GOTS certified)
4,5% Recycled Polyester (post consumer, from PET bottles)
1,5% Lycra (elasthane)

Ravin is made from a highly technological fabric which features Organic Cotton, recycled PET bottles and a touch of stretch. The construction is 4/1 with ISKO Recall yarns in weft, meaning that the fabric keeps that ”real jeans” look and feel, but with added comfort thanks to a very slight bit of elasticity and the extremely smooth back of the fabric.

Machine Wash at 40˚ C
No bleach
Avoid tumble dry
Avoid dry cleaning

Please do not wash your jeans unless it’s absolutely needed.
Mother Earth says THANK YOU!
183 cm in length
Hips tbc
Waist tbc

- - -

Hanna, 28, show artist
Wearing Råk, 26-32 in both Pre-Shrunk and Implode Surface

171 cm in length
Hips tbc
Waist tbc

Björk is made to be the ultimate modern jean, regardless of gender.
It’s as simple as that, really!