Whyred Star Black

Whyred Star Black

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WHyreds classic Parkas coat, thick lining, a hood, an inner pocket and two pockets at the front. Opens with a hidden two-way zipper in metal at the front.

  • • Parkas hood coat.
  • • Two-way zipper.
  • • Fully lined.


Hooded and duck tailed, Star is one of the true heroes of the Whyred wardrobe. We love to play with conventions and disregard the obvious. This signature Parka over a sharp tailored blazer is our way of confronting conventional tailoring with casual dressing. The unexpected contrast is what defines WHYRED.


Along with other classics of the Whyred wardrobe, the Parka has a military origin. This is no coincidence. Since Whyred’s inception in 1999, the robust elegance of military garments has been the main inspiration. The military style is a particular aesthetic that combines the casual with a certain strictness that prevents it from ever looking ordinary.


The Parka is no exception. First used by the U.S. army during the Korean War, the Parka is the part of the Whyred genetic code. Since the early 60’s the Parka has been associated with the aloof coolness of mod culture. It became immortalised in newspaper pictures of parka clad mods during the brawls between mods and rockers in Brighton on Bank Holiday, 1964. Combining the slim suit with a parka and military boots gives the outfit the trait of a natural lifestyle rather than a dressed look.


Paul Waller’s – the Mods Father – signature look with a sharp suit and a parka, Whyred turned the traditional military parka into an urban street garment expressing a modernist street look.


The Heroes wardrobe expresses the essence and style of Whyred. You will always find these classics in your Whyred store. Consisting of non-seasonal garments, the wardrobe may change material and be modified but their origin and source of inspiration is always evident.

Rooted in military aesthetics, the Beatnik movement of the 50’s and British mod culture, each Heroes garment has a solid history. Nevertheless, they have a specific significance for us that goes beyond mere history. They are a quite private part of our perception of what fashion should be about and stand for. The images we carry within us and without which Whyred would not be what it is.

But most important of all, these garments have made a indelible impression on us thanks to the people that first introduced them to the world. Musicians, actors, and strong personalities from different generations are our true heroes. They have imbued the garments with meaning and sexiness by being who they are. They personify and define the timeless garments that we call – Heroes.