Fri frakt inom Sverige för ordrar över 500:-


Although born in Sweden, Nicklas aka NIK was bred on the beaches across the southern parts of Europe. Swimwear became his natural choice of apparel in his everyday life, not only for lazy days bumming on the beach, but also at the gym, relaxing at home or even on the golf course. Benjamin aka BEN was born on the Swedish west coast, typically spending his summers hopping from island to island on sailboats in their renowned archipelago. He would later be found at Central Saint Martins in London - surrounded with endless amounts of inspiration and creativity, he developed a vision to establish a product that would bring fashion to new dimensions. NIK and BEN crossed paths in Spain, bonded instantly, a few years onwards they decided to take destiny in their own hands - the rest is history.


It is not a rare sight to find traditional wallpaper and flowery prints on men’s resort wear today. A classical concept that NIKBEN believes can be further developed by illustrating not only a pattern, but also a statement or an unforeseen "twist". NIKBEN conveys a lifestyle, the garments can be worn all year and on different occasions, not only to the beach or when on holiday. NIKBEN is not simply in the business of selling resort wear - NIKBEN sells dreams of summer, sun and happy moments.