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Henry Kole

Henry Kole is a lifestyle shoe brand founded in 2015 and based in Sweden, with the world as its market. Inspired by the modern and urban lifestyle of stylish women on the move, Henry Kole is here to provide continuously updated collections of trend-driven shoes made of high grade materials, fit and quality.

The founder of Henry Kole, e-tailer Henrik Klintenberg, grew up in Varberg, which by some people might be considered the shoe capitol of Sweden. This influenced him, since it’s such a big part of the citys DNA. This is also where everything started, in a small garage by the sea of the Swedish west coast. Henrik had decided to leave his work as an e-commerce manager and begin from scratch, to combine his online and marketing experience with his heritage, and so he threw himself out on the journey of his life.
That journey and the story of Henry Kole began in the fall of 2009 when he went on a road trip in California, US. It was after an unexpected encounter on 3rd street in Lost Angeles, that Henrik came up with the idea that eventually lead to what Henry Kole has become today. With a continued finger on the pulse of changing trends he wanted to put their own stamp on the shoe business to fill a gap in the market. This was done with a unique voice and affordable shoes that are up-to-date with the emerging trends.Henry Kole shoes are handcrafted in southern Spain, in the bustling shoe region outside of the city Elche. The brand incorporates genuine leather uppers and linings, hand treated suedes, and carefully crafted soles and trimmings specific to each pair. The essence of the Henry Kole brand is based on Swedish minimalistic style, quality focus, coupled with the self-confidence to live out your own unique identity.

The brand has now grown to being sold all around the globe. Henry Kole has also moved to be a favorite amongst the online influencers and OPL’s, which was a part of the vision from the start: to connect with the world of the modern and urban stylish women on the go.